Thomas Stevens. The first man to successfully cross the U.S. by bicycle. He later went on to ride around the world.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1

Jersey City to New Egypt, NJ.

The day was cut a bit short due to the fact that i got four flat tires but all in all I feel it was a success. I saw two deer, two wild turkeys, about a hundred chipmunks, and one rabbit who ran next to me for about fifty yards. I also ran into a shirtless dude on a dirt bike with both nipples pierced who warned me about going down a certain road because apparently it plays host to KKK rallies. I did not go down that road. I did, however, find a bike shop in New Egypt so I can refill on backup tubes. As for now, its dinner at WaWa. Hopefully tomorrow is much less eventful and will end with a nice swim in the ocean.


  1. Really? The KKK hold rallies in NJ?! I feel a bit naive...

  2. Tentpole:
    Here's an update of the Pointin Still since you've been gone: