Thomas Stevens. The first man to successfully cross the U.S. by bicycle. He later went on to ride around the world.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 6. Pokomoke City to Cape Charles, VA

Its been 3 days since I have added anything to this so here goes:
The trip along the Cape of Virginia towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was a hot, sometimes boring, sometimes dangerous one. (The roads I decided to take were direct, but not necessarily the safest for a bike to travel on.) It didn't help anything that I had a repeat performance of my first day out, four flat tires.
My back tire once again had a knack for finding every tiny, sharp piece of metal on the road.

The cape of Virginia is mostly made up of produce and chicken farms. Perdue Chicken Company has a major stake in this area. Every big chicken farm here has a big ol' Perdue sign in the front of it. These farms are basically made up of enormous warehouses with giant feed silos attached to each one. For some reason, I couldn't find a single chicken or person hanging around any of these farms as I rode by them. There were also some really cool swamps:
I finally made it to Cape Charles well after the sun went down and was lucky enough to find a place to let me stay. A reasonably priced B&B run by this really nice guy named Steve. 
(taken the next morning)

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