Thomas Stevens. The first man to successfully cross the U.S. by bicycle. He later went on to ride around the world.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 2. New Egypt to Egg Harbor City.

This is what I looked at the majority of the day.

After a rough first day out I had a really positive second day. Luckily, there was a bike shop not too far from where I'd spent the the night. So before heading out I stopped to replenish some of the tubes I had used up. Thats where I met two people who helped me more than they will ever know. Besides tubes, and directions, they were so nice to me and gave me such a positive outlook on things which, in turn,  helped me through what turned out to be a long, hot day through the pine barrens and cranberry bogs of deep south Jersey.
Jim, his wife, and pooch @ Max's Bike shop.
Also, I can't forget to mention Tommy @ Mack's Canoe Shop who helped me out with free water, the much needed use of his restroom, and a look at his maps. This place is nestled deep within state forests and endless miles of cranberry bogs.

Some sights from the rest of the day:

bad pic of a cranberry bog

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