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Monday, August 9, 2010

free food and nice folks

As I pulled into my campground on Day 7 I asked these people for directions to the registration office and they, in turn, offered me friend chicken, pasta salad, and lemonade.
Is everyone in VA this nice?

After I'd set up camp and was off to take a shower I ran into Dave and Kim. Two Chicago transplants living in the area and out camping for the weekend. They were gracious enough to invite me to their camp to sample some crab they'd just caught that day. We ate steamed crab, mac and cheese, and some strawberry rhubarb pie. It was all amazingly delicious and I was so honored by their generosity. 

Awesome chefs and awesome folks!! 


  1. So maybe it's true that people in the rest of the country are way nicer than we are. (Well, except for Texas, maybe.)

  2. its very, very true. i never thought i'd say it but i'm a big fan of the south. southern hospitality and all that. i might start saying "y'all"

  3. Hey, Billy, where the heck are ya? Congratulations on making it safe and sound (?) to Oregon (my daughter lives in Portland). I have been following your trip ever since your sister Ellen mentioned it a couple of weeks ago...she is my younger daughter Kathleen's dance teacher. I am fascinated by the photos and your comments. I am smitten by the wanderlust myself, I have driven the back roads of the South, of Kansas and Nebraska, of Wyoming and Montana (all when I wore a younger man's clothes!). How are you getting back East (if you plan to come back at all)? Great job, well done, and I will donate to the Lupus cause. If you ever plan a talk and photo presentation of your trip for donation-spirited folks, I would want to attend. Best of luck, Dave Murray